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What does “gerontophile” means?

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It's not found in most dictionaries, but based on the known meaning of the root, plus the most likely meaning of the suffix, it would be analyzed as "lover of old people." This would imply that the writer thinks of the person described as someone who has an unhealthy sexual interest in the elderly.

I know that it doesn't necessarily /denote/ that, but it's the most likely reading. Trust me.

speedwell2 Apr-28-2004

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Here's a definition of "gerontophilia." You can extrapolate the meaning of "gerontophile" from there.

jenber Apr-28-2004

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i am an gerontophile who my age is 23.
ask me about that , because it is my sexuality

khasteh_tanha Jun-12-2005

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hh Jun-14-2007

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Person with an unnatural sexual attraction to senior citizens.

Circe Jun-15-2007

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Circe, who says it is unnatural?:)

anonymous4 Jun-16-2007

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i don't think it necessarily implies an unnatural or unhealthy attraction, simply an attraction.

Astartes Nov-28-2007

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Does it necessarily imply sexual attraction? I'm an audiophile but I don't have sex with my stereo or CD's.

anonymous4 Nov-28-2007

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A gerontophile is a person who has a sexual attraction for persons who are substantially older then themselves. I know many persons like this because I am a member of social networking sites that bring younger and older persons together. These persons have no attraction whatsoever to persons in their own age cohort and often complain how hard it is to meet people in an older age group.

jim2 Aug-24-2008

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How do you pronounce "Gerontophile?"

Curious1 Nov-03-2008

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I beleive that there might be a requirement for two seperate terms for this. With consenting adutls, yes it is a just as healty of a relationship as any other; however, there have been serial rapist that target the elderly which falls into the unhealty. The "Gerontophile" rapist is very uncommon, yet they are difficult to apprehend due to their victim's either not surviving for trail or suffering from dementia.

anonymous4 Dec-12-2008

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I'm not really sure I get it younger people being attracted to people +65, or is it like someone who's 16 attracted to someone who's 50?

Anon1 Mar-20-2009

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Its someone who is attracted to someone who is quite a bit older than them like 20 years older at least. like me, I'm only 15 and I Fancy Ozzy Ozborne :P

darkprincess23041994 Jun-14-2009

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I am a 57 year old male who never even heard the word Gerontophil until about 5 months ago when a young guy of 32 and I began seeing each other. I am not handsome but the young guy is stunning. He liked me because I looked older than I am. He has a partner of 74 with whom he still hs sex. He has no interest whatsoever with young handsome guys. The relationship with him was very intense and left me very bruised when he finished it. Why did it end you might ask ? First of all because I was too involved and more importantly because at 33 he feels he has only a few years left to conquer as many older guys as possible while his partner is happy to let him play. Through him I have met many young guys in the same position and all of them need multiple partners. Could it be insecurity ?

Phil1 Jun-25-2009

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Anon1 Oct-04-2009

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I am not sure if I would be classified as a gerontophile, but perhaps one of you can tell me. I am a woman, who has a partner that is 25 years older (male). I have no attraction to men my own age, and even when I would try to be physically intimate with a man 10 years older, I felt as though I was with a child. I am generally attracted to men 15 to 45 years older than me, although 15 is really pushing it (preferably 20). I do not have any "daddy issues", I am just more interested in older men. My "partner" is not by any means strictly attracted to younger women, as his ex was 2 years younger, but seems flattered by the attention I can give him.

Personally for me, this is not insecurity. When I was with men closer to my own age (within 10 to 15 years older than me), they could not hold my interest, thus I cheated on most of them. I thought perhaps that meant I was a lesbian, but women did not really do it for me either. I began dating around, and met this wonderful man who treated me with both respect and chivalry, and I was hooked. Would I still be classified as a gerontophile, if I am in a monogamous relationship with this "older gentleman," and not only trying to pick up every "older man" that I can? (We have been together 5 years)

jerseyf2005 Feb-20-2010

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So I'm 17 (18 soon) and I'm attracted to a much older chick (like 55) does that make me a teleiophile now and gentrophile once i turn 18? or are they the same thing? im also a chick..

J1 Jun-17-2010

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I am a 14 year old attracted to a 40 year old. What does that make me?

Blade_vampirekid Jul-09-2010

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I think it's greaeeaattt!! I am a 40 year old woman dating a 25 year old man, and we have each other howling at the moon!! It's a great ego booster, and I think he feels some younger women lack bada-bing,bada-boom!!

hemihearts Jul-13-2010

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I feel the same way with men below 45/40 if they are "mature" (I am a 26 year old woman). A good deal of the time, when I would try to have a discussion with them, it turned out that I was the one talking 90% of the time and they just nodded in agreement with everything I said (whether it was a political issue or that the sky should be painted pink). I am now with a gentleman well in his 50's and we could not have created better partners for ourselves than one another. I feel that it is an ego booster for both of us - he has a younger woman on his arm who thinks the world of him and I have a brilliant refined classy gentleman on mine.

jerseyf2005 Jul-13-2010

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I think it is if you are young ans you are mostly and escpecially attracted to people 15 to 20 years older

gumlover07 Aug-17-2010

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there is nothing as wonderful as satisfying an old man. I am 22 years old and I am only attracted to much older men, the older the better. Just now I am dating a man who is 72 years old, I once had sex with a man who was 84 years old, that was 4 years ago. There is nothing like being pampered by an old man who knows what he is doing and who likes to give and not only wants to take. Sexual arousing might take longer but that's not an disadvantage, no. Everybody who never had an older lover who has time for you misses a lot. I am very proud when I can see that he enjoys me.

oda Sep-08-2010

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Phil, If you still look at this, please put me in touch with that guy! I'm serious. I need to meet someone like that.

partielese Oct-17-2010

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leave me your email address and I'll get in touch with you

oda Oct-18-2010

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Hey! I am currently 17 years old and I know very well that my type of guys are older. Like 5-10 years older. Will that still make me a GERONTOPHILE? Anyone pls answer.

i_am_confused Mar-29-2011

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I'm a pure gerontophile, 24yr old. I have studied psychology and did lot of study on this issue. The bottomline is not just sex but also other complementary emotional issues. For most, it's the parental touch, love and warmth, for some bringing an old respectable senior down to begging for sex is very kinky; and for yet others like me there is nothing more satisfying than being a humble dog to 'daddy' and fulfilling all his demands, obeying all his orders and submitting myself to him as his slave. The more abusive the old man, the better it is. Again, I'd like to mention that I look pretty macho and hetero by any standards, and of all my sexual encounters(like 100s), I've had anal sex only 3-4 times and dont prefer it. Plus, my role reverses at times when I find an appealing passive old man. It's not a psychological problem for which one should seek help. And one can always get married and produce babies if one lives in a stereotyped society like mine and satisfy his/her fantasies discreetly alongside.

Freud's my libido Jan-11-2012

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I am 31 years old and attracted to older (much older, like they were legal drinking age or older when I was born) men. It has nothing to do with "daddy issues" or a "parental hand" or even "the need to be taken care of". My dad was a great man, I have a problem with authority, and I can take care of myself. There's just something about older men that just does it for me, I guess.

Kaye May-07-2017

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I am a 29 year old woman partnered with a 63 year old man. I don't love the term gerontophile, as it may have a creepy context, but I do want to spread the term, "intergenerational relationship", across this message board.

An intergenerational relationship is between two people at least 12 years apart, and as high as 40 years age difference. It truly is a healthy companionship - I relate to the women writing "~our dynamic is magical because I'm so stunning and he's so gentlemanly." I feel immensely respected by my man because he realizes how lucky he is to be with me, up against how taboo it is. & shattering the taboo is the fun for both parties in an intergenerational relationship ;)

Jade35 Aug-06-2021

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I wood like to see first

user111473 Jun-18-2022

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Chronophilia would mean the same

user111732 Dec-27-2022

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