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Freud's my libido

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I'm a pure gerontophile, 24yr old. I have studied psychology and did lot of study on this issue. The bottomline is not just sex but also other complementary emotional issues. For most, it's the parental touch, love and warmth, for some bringing an old respectable senior down to begging for sex is very kinky; and for yet others like me there is nothing more satisfying than being a humble dog to 'daddy' and fulfilling all his demands, obeying all his orders and submitting myself to him as his slave. The more abusive the old man, the better it is. Again, I'd like to mention that I look pretty macho and hetero by any standards, and of all my sexual encounters(like 100s), I've had anal sex only 3-4 times and dont prefer it. Plus, my role reverses at times when I find an appealing passive old man. It's not a psychological problem for which one should seek help. And one can always get married and produce babies if one lives in a stereotyped society like mine and satisfy his/her fantasies discreetly alongside.

Freud's my libido January 10, 2012, 9:31pm

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