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What would you folk say to me if I-in a serious context-mix the two words, promoter and protector to make the word “promotector?” Would you still let me come over here? :-) Would it be better if I use a slash like “promo/tector” or just promotector will do? Or shall I just go get a life? How about “promo-protector?”

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Jun-Dai October 1, 2004, 3:25am

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Just thought it sounded cool! And also being a none-adjective in a short manner. Let alone the show-off!

goossun October 1, 2004, 3:49am

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I'd probably tell you to fuff.


(Just teasing.)

davidlrattigan October 1, 2004, 8:08am

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There's a word for this, I just can't think of what it is. There must be a word for this. It's on the tip of my tongue. No, that's not it. What is that word?

(shuffles away, mumbling softly)

speedwell2 October 1, 2004, 10:00am

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Seriously, though, if "promo" wasn't already a slang term for a promotional item or advertisement, it might work. With an object to seeing how many more combinations I could make, I'm thinking of words for "promoter" (supporter? agent? advocate?) and for "protector" (ahhh... nurturer? this is going nowhere...).

Actually, the word "advocate" does have connotations of both promoting and protecting, but it wasn't the word I was trying to remember below.

What is that word? Darn it, I almost thought of it. Was it... no, that wasn't it. Crud. I know there is a good word for this, honest... (shuffles away mumbling again)

Anonymous October 1, 2004, 10:05am

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How about "Promodyguard"?

Tom October 7, 2004, 12:00pm

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It would be a portmanteau word, like "smog", "cyborg", and "frankenword", which itself means the same the thing.

John Sensebe October 28, 2004, 2:13am

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