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Is it proper to use the word ‘Floorings’? (Plan to use it as a website name since ‘flooring’ is a noun)


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In Scotland (and possibly England) it would be understood if someone were to say "well, her comment completely floored me" which I suppose means rendered me unconscious so that I fell senseless to the floor and, well, lay there. So "floorings" could mean occasions when such devastating comments are passed, as in "there was an amazing flooring at the Mothers' Union last night". But I think you mean carpets. Why not "carpetings"? Ah, if you are 'carpeted' by the boss it means you have to stand there on the carpet and be rebuked for your errors and/or failings. Boss to a colleague: "I did some great carpetings today". No better than floorings then.

"Floor furnishings" might do the job. Carpets, rugs, etc.

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The word "floorings" is common in construction and elsewhere:

Every day we are exposed to low doses of phthalates in food containers, perfumes, hairsprays, ***floorings***, paints, toys and medical devices. … E: Environmental Magazine, May/Jun 2008

Once inside, a judicious rearrangement of walls and an introduction of a variety of multihued walls and ***floorings*** give the galleries new life. … Christian Science Monitor, Dec 10, 1999.

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I read "flooring" as a mass noun-- just like I read "money" as a mass noun. I read "floorings" as a count noun (different types of flooring: carpeting, tile, wood, etc)--just like I read "monies" as a count noun (US Dollars, Yen, Pounds, etc). Thus, If I saw "floorings" as a website name, I would expect a selection of flooring types.

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