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“The Official Dictionary of Unofficial English”

For some unknown reason, I’ve always aspired to coining a word to be used by millions. That dream came true when the term “muffin-top” was picked up by Daily News, and consequently by William Safire in New York Times where he even mentioned my name. Since then, several people came out and claimed that they invented that term, but none of them have the proof that I have, which is my entry to dated May 2003.

The Internet has changed the way language spreads and evolves. It also changed the way we keep track of that evolution. A new book by Grant Barret entitled, “The Official Dictionary of Unofficial English” is a great example of that. By using the technologies available on the Internet, he devised a way to record new words and word usages. It is a printed version of his site By reading the chronological citations for each word, you get a sense of how it spread and evolved. As amusing as some of these words are, studying of this process of evolution goes far beyond mere entertainment. I think it’s a great contribution to the modern lexicology.

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I found, which also records new words coming into the English language with sources and contexts.
Congrats on introducing a new word:-).

xylo July 16, 2006, 11:29am

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Wonder of time, from Japan

Time is the important concept which supports our life, and it is looked upon as a physical quantity in learning. However, the Japanese dictionary confuses "time-notch" and time by a word of "instant." English also makes time words (hour, minute, etc) have the meaning of time-notch. Likewise, this problem arises in the lexicons of all nations.

To solve the problem, we first defined "time-notch" and time in Japanese, and then coined a new word, <<time-notch,>> in English.

To correct the dictionary is urgent, and becomes an international action. Does anyone realize this action?

* Liken the stream of time to one line and mark notches on the line at regular intervals. Then, each notch means "time-notch," and the interval between two notches means "time." In addition, "instant" means ambiguous brief time.

To define the time with length needs a time-notch without length at each ends. To define the time-notch without length needs the time with length lying on both sides. We call these relations of time-notch and time as <<Exclusive interdependence.>>

* Humans see the present time-notch which is pointed out by the hand of a clock, recall certain some certain past time-notch pointed out by a clock hand, treat both together in the head, and read the time. This is <<the real identity of time.>>
[Mistakes of World Scales]

Nagaya Osamu
General Manager of Mathematics Division
The Society of Truth
6-16 Hiromi, Kani-shi
Gifu-ken, 509-0214


public-commitment August 20, 2006, 9:31am

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