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Wonder of time, from Japan

Time is the important concept which supports our life, and it is looked upon as a physical quantity in learning. However, the Japanese dictionary confuses "time-notch" and time by a word of "instant." English also makes time words (hour, minute, etc) have the meaning of time-notch. Likewise, this problem arises in the lexicons of all nations.

To solve the problem, we first defined "time-notch" and time in Japanese, and then coined a new word, <<time-notch,>> in English.

To correct the dictionary is urgent, and becomes an international action. Does anyone realize this action?

* Liken the stream of time to one line and mark notches on the line at regular intervals. Then, each notch means "time-notch," and the interval between two notches means "time." In addition, "instant" means ambiguous brief time.

To define the time with length needs a time-notch without length at each ends. To define the time-notch without length needs the time with length lying on both sides. We call these relations of time-notch and time as <<Exclusive interdependence.>>

* Humans see the present time-notch which is pointed out by the hand of a clock, recall certain some certain past time-notch pointed out by a clock hand, treat both together in the head, and read the time. This is <<the real identity of time.>>
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