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“provide” vs “give” information

As in: the pie charts give information about the water used for residential, industrial and agricultural purposes ...

To me, “give” here sounds crude, as if the writer could not come up with the right verb; whereas “provide” sounds more appropriate, albeit just a bit high official. 

So in an English exam I would have to mark the writer down? Am I correct in my thinking?

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provide is more professional sounding.

david tribbeck July 2, 2016, 10:49am

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In my opinion the difference in your example amounts to little more than personal preference, and is too subtle to mark down a writer. I too prefer 'provide' although I can't provide a good reason.

Vinck7 August 3, 2016, 11:32am

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"Provide" certainly sounds better. "Give", in my view suggests that someone has received something, whereas " provide", in this context, suggests that the information is available but the person will only get the information if they dig for it.

Dongalero November 30, 2017, 12:46pm

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