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Is it sunday or sunduh?

My wife and I have this ongoing battle over the word sundae. She always pronounces it sunDUH while I say it’s sunDAY because when they were first made, one could only get the ice-cream treat on Sunday. She says I’m nuts - I say she’s kinda douchey. Who’s correct - anyone know?

  • November 12, 2004
  • Posted by chuck2
  • Filed in Misc

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I already have the url of the American Heritage Dictionary, thanks to Speedwell. Now as a greedy person I'm asking for more: are there any other good, FREE online English dictionaries with pronunciation samples of the words on the Internet?

Perenna November 12, 2004, 6:01pm

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Oops! I am ever so sorry, Chuck, I meant to send a new question! Please forgive me.

But since the accident has happened, let's make the best of it. American Heritage Dictionary pronounces sundae 'sundee':

Perenna November 12, 2004, 6:23pm

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Perenna--I like the clips at

Chuck--at that site, they list "sundee" as the first pronunciation, but they also have "sunDAY" as the second. I've NEVER heard anyone say "sundee"--I'm guessing it's a regionalism, as I grew up in the Northeast (although I did go to school in TX). Where are you & your wife from, if you don't mind me asking? Just trying to figure out who says what. :)

Johanna November 14, 2004, 6:03am

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Perenna, you really cannot do better than this:

Pay attention, though, because although they give you results from a couple dozen possible dictionaries, a few are of purely historical interest.

(cough) Ok, the matter at hand. "SundEE??" I've only EVER heard "sunday." I bet the "sundee" pronunciation is from out in the Northwest US, but truly I haven't a clue.

speedwell2 November 15, 2004, 3:02am

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I know people who pronounce the word "Sunday" the same way... Sundee, and I'm from the Northeast. And they, of course, pronounce the other days of the week similarly... Monday is Mondee, Tuesday is Tuesdee, etc.

ladylucy November 15, 2004, 5:06am

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Johanna and Speedwell, thanks for the dictionaries. I already had Merriam-Webster in my favourites, but I never noticed before that it has sound in it! The reverse dictionary behind Speedwell's link seems tempting.

Perenna November 15, 2004, 10:09am

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My understanding of the etymology is that the inventor or original proprietor altered the spelling to avoid blasphemy. When I say "my understanding" in this case, of course I don't mean to imply that this makes any sense at all to me but hey, this is what America is all about, so why knock it. At any rate, I don't think it really helps with the discussion since I don't remember hearing whether said vendor pronounced the word the same way or differently.

joachim December 15, 2004, 4:01am

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My name really is Sundee, and it comes from the way that people say the days of the week improperly around where I live (Maryland). I will tell someone my name and they will say , "oh, like the day of the the week?" and I will have to correct them. It really is a regional thing. People from out of the area generally do not have as hard of a time understanding my name as people from Mideast do.

Sundee April 21, 2005, 9:42pm

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its true you could only get icecream on sundays because no one was aloud to drink on sunday's beacause it was church day. wich is where it came from but it is spelled sundae. i know this because i watched a documentory on icecream on the discovery channel.

nikki April 29, 2005, 9:52pm

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I say Sunduh.

MON March 7, 2017, 9:23am

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