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Where do we put question mark, dot, exclamation mark etc. when a sentence ends with a quotation mark? Before or after the closing quotation mark? (”...where?” or “...where”?) or where?!

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In Standard English the punctuation that relates to the whole sentence goes outside the quotation mark- any punctuation that's part of the quotation obviously goes inside the quotation marks.

If you've got a repeated punctuation mark when it comes to quotations (e.g. He said "You've got a nice car.".), in English you put both full stops, whereas in American English you just put the one inside the quotation marks.

ceffaroo June 13, 2004 @ 6:27PM

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Jared, this is a style thing. I was originally taught that you've got it correct in your example:

"Did you see the show where that lady yelled 'Cheese!'?"

When the part between the quotes is a sentence or sentence fragment (like the exclamation above), and it ends in an ! or a ?, then it keeps its own punctuation inside the quotes.

But when the internal sentence (that's not a grammar term; I just made it up) ends in a period, though, the external sentence punctuation governs and it is placed inside the quotes (American English):

"When you asked Manufacturing for the liner hanger, did you tell them 'Make the thread like the 7 inch tandem mechanical?'"

Now many styles--and many Engligh teachers--require that the second example always applies, so that your example would read, "Did you see the show where that lady yelled 'Cheese?'"

But I don't really think that has the necessary force.

speedwell2 June 18, 2004 @ 8:21AM

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Jo, it's called an ellipsis. If you poke around on this site, you will find several interesting posts about it.

porsche September 12, 2006 @ 9:55AM

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