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I have once violated the English language. I made this tittle for one of my photos. Just wonder if it is not totally wrong. The tittle was “Irreddenable blue” and I meant a blue colour that cannot be redden. I had thought to myself that I must use “ir” to twist a word which begins with an R. Could that be OK? Would you forgive me for that?

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It's not strictly "correct," but I LOVE IT. KEEP IT. OR I WILL BE UPSET. :)

It is perfectly clear and easy to understand. It does not strike me as illiterate or ignorant at all. It is reminiscent of the unrelated word "irredeemable."

Actually I am not sure what the correct word would be! You can "redden" something (and then it "has been reddened"). I think most native English speakers would tend to use the "un-" prefix because it is usually seen as the default. So "unreddenable."

But let me say this again... your title is very artistic in itself. I think this is just one of many occasions when what is "correct" in one sense must give way to what is correct and pleasing artistically.

speedwell2 May 9, 2004, 7:20pm

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"ir-" only ever happens before "r", but that doesn't mean all words starting with "r" must be negated using "ir-".

Examples negated with "un-" include unrecognizable, unrecommendable, unrecordable, unreliable, unremarkable, unrentable, unrepealable, unresolvable, unsaleable, and unsatisfiable.

mpt May 11, 2004, 7:16am

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mpt, you must tell us what you think the correct English word would be to describe something that cannot be reddened!

speedwell2 May 11, 2004, 10:57am

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Can it be that such a concept requires more than one word to be correctly articulated in English?

Anonymous Coward May 17, 2004, 11:22am

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Oh, AC, that's passe... the "one word" necesary has now been coined. By Goossun. :)

speedwell2 May 17, 2004, 7:44pm

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