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“Mercedes SL500. Acura NSX. BMW Z4. These types of cars are ...” Or “This type of cars” Or “This type of car” Or “These types of car” Or “These types of a car” In a situation where, by the word “type”, I mean to say “expensive sports car”, which is correct? It is one specific type of automobile that I’m trying to refer to, so “types” seems wrong, but to follow a list of cars with “This type of” seems wrong too. (What would “this” be referring to? It would not be the cars that I listed.)

  • November 10, 2002
  • Posted by Dyske
  • Filed in Grammar

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Via Gregg:
It should be "This type of car".

Dyske November 11, 2002, 8:02am

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"This type of car"

"this type" refers to "expensive sports car" despite not being explicitly enumerated earlier.

This is a dandy idea though, I should set one up for Japanese.

yoinkmydanish November 11, 2002, 9:45am

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In terms of what your question seems to imply, type is referring to a class of cars, not to the cars themselves, thus use type, the singular. Otherwise, there can be several types of cars that, for example, are painted red.

owl March 19, 2003, 1:51pm

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Why it's not just "These cars are" is a mystery to me.

Anonymous November 25, 2003, 9:11am

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i think it would be "these type of cars are"

gina September 27, 2005, 5:41pm

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I would think either "these types of cars" or "this type of car" would be acceptable. No?


chat October 31, 2005, 7:59pm

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agree with pete

steve3 March 1, 2011, 7:56pm

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