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The Use of “Endeavored”

Is “Endeavored” used correctly in the following: We endeavored on Fulton county warrant #123456 charging Jane Doe with Stalking.

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Unless it is jargon, the usage is incorrect. Did you endeavor to acquire the warrant (in which case, why does it have a number already?), or did you endeavor to use (fulfill?) the warrant? Think of "endeavor" as having more or less the same usage as "try" or "attempt." Neither "we tried on Fulton county warrant #123456" nor "we attempted on Fulton county warrant #123456" makes any sense to me. Also, is there a reason why "Stalking" is capitalized?

Jun-Dai June 24, 2004, 7:36pm

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To endeavor means "to intend to", "to set out to". "We endeavored to take Jane Doe to court for stalking", for example. So the usage you quote is incorrect, the phrase is meaningless.

no August 6, 2004, 4:29am

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