November 6, 2002  •  Dyske

Past / Present

“At the lecture yesterday, only a few of them knew who I am.” Is this correct or should it be “who I was”? “Who I was” sounds like they knew who I was 10 years ago.

November 5, 2002  •  Dyske

Text, A Text, Texts

I wrote “Multiple pages of recipes from the book, each page consisting of a photo and a text.” And, Manny pointed out to me that “a text” is wrong, that it should simply be “text”. But the plural form of the word “text” actually exists. If “texts” is legal, then “a text” must also exist. In what situation would one use “a text”?

November 5, 2002  •  lee


In Wired magazine, I came across: “fast and furious Internet speeds”. Why “speeds”? Why plural? Why is “speed” countable in the first place? Speed is measurable, but you can’t really count the concept of velocity itself, like one speed, two speeds, three speeds.

November 5, 2002  •  lee

Life or Lives

Is it wrong to say, “The life of the people”? Or, do you have to say, “The lives of the people”? When you use “of” in this context do the numbers (pluralization) have to match between the first noun and the last noun?

November 4, 2002  •  Dyske

“A” News

For some reason I’ve always thought the word “news” had an article attached to it, i.e., “a news”. Like: “That’s a good news.” I always said. No one corrected me until today. Thank you Manny.

November 2, 2002  •  Dyske

Don’t you count money?

Now, when I think of counting, the first thing that comes to my mind is money. So why is the word “money” considered un-countable? Why is this wrong?: “I have a lot of monies.”

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