Submitted by Dyske on April 29, 2003

Ranks has or have

In the following sentence, which is correct: has or have.

The ranks of the liberal weblog community (has or have) increased by one.


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"Ranks" is the subject of the sentence. It is plural therefore you would say "have." Try removing the prepositional phrase: The ranks have increased...

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it is not plural, the liberal weblog community is singular. it is singular for the same reason a flock of birds is singular. there are many birds in the group, but it is still one group and therefor single. since it is singular, has is correct.

had the sentence read the ranks of liberal weblog communities (has or have) increased. have would then be correct because you are referring to more than one community

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Stizzo, you've come to a website on grammar and managed to make a fool of yourself. Congratulations on being so utterly inept as to make me want to cry.

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Ingis is correct.

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