Submitted by Hairy Scot on July 2, 2012

Pronouncing “début”

Pet Peeve 1. Lots of antipodeans (particularly sports commentators) persist in pronouncing “début” as “dayboo” yet they pronounce “débutante” correctly. Occurs 2 or 3 times in every broadcast on Sky TV. I now mute the sound otherwise my teeth would be ground to dust.


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They're actually pronouncing it closer to the correct pronunciation (i.e. how the French say it) than we are.

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"but" in French is closer to 'bew' than 'boo', so it would be 'daybew' not 'dayboo'.

It's not often the Aussies get it right, but they've got it wrong again.

My god! they can't even get cricket scores the right way round!

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If you want grating, you should try asking a New Yorker to say "It is my duty to tell you there is dew due"

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Check on

The French pronunciation is definitely closer to 'daybew' than 'dayboo', as is the normal English pronunciation.

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Yeah, I would think so. In french it's kind of a "yeuh" sound. I've always said day-bew.

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