Submitted by Dyske on June 28, 2009

Word for Stroller Toppling Over

If you have a kid and a stroller, I’m sure you’ve experienced this many times. You hang a lot of stuff from the handle of the stroller, and when the kid jumps out of it, the whole thing topples over.

One of my friends wants a word for this (a verb). I tried to think of one, but I couldn’t come up with a good one. (”Stropple”, for instance, isn’t so good because the sound of it lacks the impact of the actual event.) Can anyone think of one?


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A 'strollover', perhaps?

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How 'bout "flumpf"? For example, "After we went grocery shopping, the stroller flumpfed."

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A word for the stuff falling out of or off the handle of the stroller could be a "stravalanche".

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well, they're "prams" where I'm from (Australia) so something like "pramtastrophe" seems to work okay. "praccident" or simply "prang" (which is an existing word for crashing a vehicle - not sure if that's too local for you) might do...

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