Submitted by dave on May 4, 2005


Is anyone else alarmed by the linguistic nonsense spouted by the newly formed Society for the Preservation of English and Correct Speech? Any comments regarding what they say about grammar, usage and the like would be welcome.


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anyone who spells labor l-a-b-o-u-r is just flat out wrong so dont listen to them

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Yes. S.P.E.C.S. believes in linguistic original sin, as they say on Language Log: "Linguistic original sin: Natural behavior is irretrievably incoherent and lawless. Only by careful adherence to explicit rules, explicitly learned, can well-ordered speech and writing be approached."

They should pay less attention to their prejudices and spend more time looking at the facts.

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"It is time to rescue Great Britain from the hands of foreigners, and S.P.E.C.S. have risen to the challenge."

"It was clear that the Conservative party had nothing valuable to say to those outraged at the English language's infiltration by foreigners."

It's gotta be a parody.

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You mean it's not a parody site?!

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