Submitted by goossun on July 2, 2004

Lacking Smell

What is the word for the olive oil or garlic whose smell has been taken away? What’s the verb and what the noun? (And does anyone know how they do it?!)


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Goossun, the word I see most often to refer to "no-smell" garlic capsules is "deodorized." Verb form, of course, is "deodorize."

How do they do it? The problem is probably garlic's high sulfur (sulphur for those of you across the pond) content. The body converts sulfur into various compounds that have strong smells. There are various ways of reducing the impact of the sulfur on the body. One effective, natural method is to package the garlic extract (the chemical compund allicin) in oil in a sealed capsule that also contains chlorophyll.

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