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Julia Oliveira Ramsey

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I think I am second generation. I came over to America when I was 5 from Brazil. I only spent my babyhood over there and have lived my formative childhood years and adult years here. All my life experiences have been similar to second generation. My parents worked every immigrant job from sweatshops to construction, didnt learn fluent english but can get by, bought a house and naturalized. I was born here but I came over very little. How little is little enough to be considered second generation? I have been told I am second since I am the child that was brough up here by immigrants. I feel second since I didnt come over on my own accord but I am definately not third. I can speak english and portugese fluently and I was raised to be American and I have zero desire in returning to Brazil. I have also naturalized. But I think I would be 1.5 generations or second? My life is very similar to second generation people. I went to college and married my husband who is an Irish descent American and have a very suburban life. I dont feel very American however Im not an immigrant like my parents. I also have very little Latin personality traits or leanings and only speak portuguese with my family, in the house. Wouldnt I be more second than first generation?

Julia Oliveira Ramsey March 25, 2012, 11:47am

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