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Everyone was at the crime scene when it happened so everybody is a suspect. Wouldn't that be gramatically correct? As with matt, I am also speculating about the usage of 'hello everyone' vs 'hello everybody'. One is individualizing and the other is generalizing so should you say 'hello everyone'/ 'hello everybody'? Hello everyone(each and every one of you); Hello everybody (you all). Doesn't matter which one is used in that instance as far as I can see. They are interchangeable in some instances as above but not in others...Everyone is responsible for his/her own action. On the other hand it would be ackward for me to say 'everybody is responsible for his/her own action. In the latter case it would seem appropriate to change 'his/her to 'their' simply because of the generalization.

eve March 9, 2012, 7:19pm

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