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Trillby Ken

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(Just my opinion) If you all are having mailing/street address issues, you should attend a town meeting or something. Mail your congress of your state and let loose your problem. I'm sure your not the only one with this issue. I readed all these issue and I of all people have it the worst. Technically I don't have a street/physical address, as I live 50 miles from the nearest town, highway is 10 miles away from my house which isn't on a paved or maintain road by the state. (A dirt road in the middle of nowhere with one to many roads leading off.) It has a route number near a milemarker from off the highway and no company in this so call country won't accept it as a street/physical address and when I provide a PO Box they won't take it. Don't bother with telling me to verify my physical/street address because where I live is on Indian/Native American Land and 911 address don't really exist for us. If you need a police or ambulance you have to meet them at the road by a milemarker or give them a latitude/longitude. Well back on topic, in all the years I have lived here (45+) I have never recieved a package at my resident and my mail sometime gets lost or takes an extra few days to find me. Because of this issue, I don't have a bank account, credit cards or anything requiring a physical/street address, simply because I can't not provide a VALID physical/street address. If I'm lucky they take my mailing address which is a PO Box. At least the state I live in doesn't require a physical/street address on my driver license.

Trillby Ken February 28, 2012, 4:28pm

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