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I'm born and raised in Nova Scotia. Never lived anywheres else. I think western/central Canadians get into the habit of assuming Canada stops at Ontario. IMO, we are more rooted in tradition here. You get made fun of if you say "zee" (and my iPad autocorrected that to zed btw haha), and anyone that comes from away thinks we talk funny. I've never paid much attention to it until I had a cousin from Winnipeg come visit, and he broke out laughing when my mom told him to "fill his boots" at supper. Sure we got the gun toting rednecks and granny-clothes wearing hippies here, but guaranteed they all talk like I do, unless they're from Cape Breton or Nfld. Then you're on your own to translate haha.

I noticed I tend to say "coach" instead of "cowch" when talking about a chesterfield (which is what it usually gets called in the towns), not so much Halifax where I live now). Oat and aboat is pretty dead on here too. I guess we might have a bit of a stronger accent on the east coast though eh?