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January 22, 2012

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I know this is an old post but really?
Ok I have 6 berry in my hand.
Wait, no I don't, I have 6 berries in my hand.
i have a whole bucket of Lincoln Log.
Wait, no I don't, I have a whole bucket of Lincoln Logs.
I own 27 Slinky.
Wait, no I don't, I own 27 Slinkies.
I have 22 Ipod.
No I don't, I have 22 Ipods.
I counted every one, and I have 127 large Band-aid.
Then I recounted and discovered I actually have 127 large Band-Aids.
I don't have enough clue to go around.
I am however giving all of my clues to all of you that don't have one.
I was actually almost expecting someone to compare lego / legos to foots hahaha.
Well maybe some of you would do better to stop grinding your tooths over all this meaningless craps, and try letting your childs see if they are any better than all these mans and womans here.
I'll send you my bill when i'm finished, but i must insist on exact currencies, which are as follow.
6 Penny
12 nickle
4 dime
12 quarter
7 dollar
and 14 twenty dollar bill.
And don't get silly like a gooses now.
We like it when you're quiet like a bunch of mouses.
And as we depart in our various aircraftses, keep in mind that they are small on space inside, and if you bring salmons it will start to stink and you'll be kicked out into the field with the sheeps.
So get your suitcase and pack your clotheses, and don't forget to double check the contentses twice.
You wouldn't wanna be caught in a strange place without all of your personal item and good.
And now, I just want to say Thank to all of yous out there that have such great understandingses of how to form plural word.
I think I will close my eye now and take a naps.

You all have a great days now you hears?

Byes fors nows