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Justin B

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So I am American, and I love Canada -- I hope that doesn't freak you out. I also have love for my country. I understand when it comes to sports (hockey in particular) there is a Canada vs USA rivalry... but when it comes to every other aspect of life, what's the big deal? I went skiing in Mont Tremblant, and those French speaking 'people' were complete pricks... Why? I've noticed lots of Canadians hate Americans. They make it a point to let that be known. The hatred isn't quite there from us to you (most Americans need to be reminded that Canada exists... An inferiority complex?)

We have to deal with enough crap from people living throughout different parts of our own country. Democrats vs Republicans (dear God!), East Coast vs West Coast, noted in the retarded rapper wars... The American Civil War was between the North vs the South - on the East Coast alone! "Yankee?" Southerners still call Northerners Yankees, so if you call an American a Yankee, you're only referring to people living the Northeast section of the country. In fact, Northerners don't even call themselves Yankees anymore, only Southerners do. Then there's New England vs NYC/Philly/DC megalopolis vs Midwest vs South vs Southwest vs NorCal vs SoCal vs etc...

I love Tim Hortons, maple whiskey and maple donuts, and ice hockey. Thanks for all those! I hate Gary Bettman, just like I'm sure you do. You're welcome for air planes, Hollywood movies, and bringing pretzels to North America (the PA Dutch in me).

All that being said, I'm wearing my Maple Leafs jersey right now, and was just looking up why it is Leafs and not Leaves, because I always liked it "Leafs"... thank you for the information, and sorry for the diatribe (if you took it that way).

Justin B January 8, 2012, 5:59am

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