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Dear Anonymous,

I happen to be one of those newspaper people you referred to who "should know better."
In fact, I do know better than you do.
I have my AP Stylebook in front of me, which is the gold standard reference book of news writing, and it clearly states that while most words ending in 'y' follow the rule you quoted concerning consonants, proper names are an exception.
Here is what the AP book says:
"Most [proper names] ending in 'y' add 's' even if preceded by a consonant: 'the Duffys', 'the Kennedys', 'the two Kansas Citys'. Exceptions include 'Alleghenies' and 'Rockies.' For others, add 's': 'the Carters,' 'the McCoys,' 'the Mondales.'

Please do your research before denouncing professionals as doing something "quite incorrect."

Thank you.

Parula December 24, 2011, 11:19am

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