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Street Address vs. Mailing Address

  • February 20, 2012, 1:56pm

Ok so now my husband and I recently got some documentation in the mail concerning the changing of our physical address. As I explained above because we have our home mail boxes all lumped together on top of a mountain - real pain in the arse - I am wondering if now this new address will serve as the billing and shipping address. My husband is checking with our lovely post office to see what is up with this "New" 911 address rule. So quick. No warning. Just some documents letting us know and here is your new address. They claim they are having trouble locating our homes on the small mountain that I live on. In fact, now we are required to post a Green sign that I believe has to be 18' x 18" long with our house number on it so that they can find us. lol. I think I'll put up a Green Neon sign with the words "Eat At Joes" underneath the house number. Good grief! I cannot wrap my mind around all of these new and improved mail rules. Sorry but I just have to vent. I'd get in big trouble if I punched out the next mailman. ;)

Street Address vs. Mailing Address

  • January 18, 2012, 1:27pm

An update. I think it's pretty odd that now when I use my residential post office box address, UPS suddenly can deliver a box to my actual physical address. They must have hired a NEW driver who didn't see the connection with the physical address and my mailing post office box address. So now I still cover the bases, because who knows when this guy will move on and another UPS guy will begain the whole mess again and have to get familiar with our mailing and physical address. All I can say is I will NEVER move again to any development where I cannot get ALL of my mail delivered at the house. Just a BIG OLE PAIN IN THE ARSE!! LOL!

Street Address vs. Mailing Address

  • December 10, 2011, 6:57pm

I am recently very frustrated because after receiving mail at my home address for several years via UPS, all of a sudden they don't recognize the address. When I called up to check on this the UPS rep stated that because of some new law I must use an actual physical address. I am an AVON rep living in a housing development has our USPS mailboxes located several miles away - big pain in the butt right there, and one grouchy mailman to boot. Well AVON needed the USPS address because they chose to send some small items to me. And if there was a larger UPS delivery the UPS main would still deliver to our home address, even with our housing box address on the box which was great. Well, no more. Now my husband recently received a postcard from them stating that they had one of our packages there and would hold it till a certain date, which, OF COURSE EXPIRED by the time we got the card. Lovely new friggin rules and when you call the number on the card all you get is an automated response. Lovelier indeed! Now with these new rules in place it really is a joy to order items online because on many sites they will NOT let you know how they will ship it so it's sort of like Russian Roulette. I am having packages delivered to another family member who actually receives her mail at her home - USPS, Fedex and UPS. Sorry but this new system stinks. I feel like I am penalized because I happen to live in a development with a separate US mail box area.