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October 31, 2011

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Street Address vs. Mailing Address

  • October 31, 2011, 12:25am

I am looking into getting a PO Box which I have never had before because my regular mailman disappeared and the one that has taken over for the last few weeks has been giving my mail away more often than not. Trying to address this problem with the US Postal Service is like talking to communicate with escapees from an insane asylum. They don't knowwhat voice mail is and they refuse to take a message because they have no secretaries.
Packages disappear, mail disappears. How much I can't even know. Some mail is returned but the last week's worth has not been. And at the end of the month is when many of my credit card billings come through - and at the beginning of the month my bank statements and other important documents. I never really thought about how much information about me comes through the mail - from credit reports to bills to bank states and proof of deposit. There is a reason why long ago when people had some sense it was made a felony to steal other peoples mail. Now there is no need to steal it, the mailman will give your mail away to others right to their door.
For those who have PO Boxes, how reliable are they when the mail is still going through the postal service. Do you seem to be getting mail and packages or are there lots of lost mail in that system too?