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October 29, 2011

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First Generation vs. Second Generation

  • October 29, 2011, 4:02pm

P.S.S. ^ All of the above would also apply the same to "missionary kids", "brats", "foreign service brats", etc. basically, any Third-Culture Kid. Right now, there is an interesting discussion going on with this here on the whole "TCK vs. 1.5 Gen-ers" here:

First Generation vs. Second Generation

  • October 29, 2011, 3:54pm

^ Oh, and not only that, but the Asian-American military brats born in Asia on a US military installation...they can move in and out of the states as well since rotations for living on a military base happen every 3-5 years. So the whole "coming to America" thing is just nuts. We were born in Asia, but moved to America when we were 3 years old (note when I'm giving these example, I mean for these rotations to apply to all, not just me since I stayed in Japan for several years before moving here to the states), then moved out a few years later...came back at 6 years old...then moved out at the age of 10...came back at 14 years old and hated how the American high school kids in the stateside were radically different from the American high school kids at the overseas US military bases...then came back to America again after our dads retired from the military and started life anew as a civilian now trying to find our way into this new life called "college" (or in the case of those that were stationed at the RAF bases..."uni").

I think I'd rather just go with being called a "1st generation military brat" since I and my brother are the first in our family to be brats.

First Generation vs. Second Generation

  • October 29, 2011, 3:40pm

I had to fill out a survey a few weeks ago in regards to this and about differences between Asian kids' values vs. their parents. One of the questions was asking me what generation I was, and I couldn't decided between 1st and 2nd generation. I say this because I think this whole generation thing applies very poorly to US military brats (I'm a navy brat btw) who are more likely to be born on an overseas US military installation than on the homeland, and yet act more American than their parents (if their parents were immigrants who joined the US military). My parents were born in the Philippines, I was born in the Philippines, and my brother was born in Misawa Air Base in Japan. Yet my brother and I act more Americanized than our parents because we grew up in an environment that embraced the whole "Third Culture Kid" mentality.

So technically, despite me and my brother disagreeing with some of the more stiff values & traditions of our parents who were born & raised in the Philippines, I guess my bro & and I are still considered 1-generation even though the places we were born in Asia were places that had American GI communities? Well, what if my future kids were say...born at Rammstein Air Base or at RAF Lackenheath, yet act more culturally assimilated into American culture than I am when it comes to the whole Asian/American divide? And say, if my future kids also decide to join the military as well and give birth to children at say...Yokosuka Naval Base in Japan or Osan Air Base in Korea, then are those children considered first-generation as well despite being even more far removed from Asian values than their parents/my future children? I hate how this stupid generation classification doesn't take into account military brats, because the Asian military brats are some of the most Americanized I have ever encountered.