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"I texted" -- two syllables -- seems clearly correct; it only sounds incorrect to uneducated people who don't know what "a text" is. Learn at your own pace; I really don't see any hurry.

No matter how much of a smart arse you think you are, no matter if its an uneducated person or someone as mighty as you. Every time you say it as "texted" (2 syllables) you sound like an idiot!!!

@Stee, You text your mother the other day? Cool. I phone my mother last week.......and what the hell is this. shit example even writtten correct- phoned... you still wouldnt make yourself sound like an idiot by sayin phone-ed so not having it!!!!! hahahahahahaah
Text a reply if you like
Ill text later if i can
i hope what u have text next time isnt too nasty.

Stee November 15, 2011, 4:20am

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I text my mother the other day.
I will text my mother when i have time.
I'm not sure but i think my mother may have text me the other day.
Not sure why people would even add the ed at the end.
Tried writing texted on many phones using predictive text and yet to find a phone that has texted pre installed in dictionary.
Would have thought for all the people that want to text, have text, and are going to text, or to be text from others they would have added the correct word.........hold on!!!they did....its Text. Past,present,future.

Stee October 24, 2011, 7:09am

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