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Hey guys....I asked a former NASA scientist - who moved to TX from NY in the early 90's- why he used the phrase. He said too many people in TX tend clarify a situation with an analogy...or long drawn out story or link one unrelated situation with another. For example 1. Hotter than Hell. Hotter than a cat on a hot ten roof.Colder than the anatomical part of a mythological figure (“colder that a witches’ tit”) Instead he preferred the temp is 110 with 95 percent humidity...and it is hot... it is what it is...
For example 2- "Oh no! Sally turned in her notice, with her position she may know something the company is up for sale and all our jobs are threatened." The two may not be related. Sure Sally turned in her notice AND we do not know why...."it is what it is" all by itself without embellishment... until additional informaiton is uncovered.
Now you guys can help me... What does "Butter Face" mean? It has something to do with the youth watching the girls at the beach.

haston October 19, 2011, 5:03am

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