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Peter Olson

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A aisle, aeon
B numb, thumb, debt, crumb, subtle
C muscle, scent, cnidaria
D Wednesday
E giraffe, carafe, vogue, mumble, epistle (and lots more)
F fifth (i have been trying to think of one for a long time =D )
G light, haughty, foreign, impugn
H white, light, ghost, rhinoceros
I lieu, believe
J fjord
K knee, knowledge, knife, knot
L talk, walk
M mnemonic
N autumn, hymn, damn
O jeopardy
P psychology, pneumonia, pterodactyl, receipt
Q pontacq (a type of wine... comes from Pontacq... wherever that is)
R February
S island, aisle
T listen, hasten, glisten, thistle, epistle
U court, vogue, guard, building
V SAVVY (looks like a w if not capitalized)
W answer, write, wrist, wrestle
X eaux (this is a real English word [ it's the plural of eau ] ) also beaux, (plural of beau)
Y prayer, mayor
Z rendezvous

Peter Olson October 3, 2011, 6:59pm

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