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Hello i have a question regarding the united states postal service

My question is will a piece of mail that is unable to be forwarded be sent to a address other than my own if i gave the sender of the mail the address? I'ts a debit card that im expecting and it is unable to be forwarded but the reason im having it mailed to a friends address is because i dont want a family member knowing that i have the card. I did give the bank my friends address to send it but im just wondering if there is gonna be a problem because my friends address is not my own mailing address that the post office has on record. I was told as long as the sender has the correct address i told them to send it i wouldnt have a problem getting it. I know for a fact though that if i changed my address with the post office and didnt inform the bank thats sending the debit card my new address it would get sent back to them because it has a "No Forwarding" stamp/sticker. Hoping someone can tell me if ill recieve the card or not.... Thank you

Cazic August 18, 2011, 11:57am

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