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As a Jamaican and reading the lyrics, it is obvious that he is telling his woman not to cry. Not sure about what though, I am not really a big fan.I think it is basically a reflective song. Oh, and Patois(the Jamaican dialect), pronounced Pat-wa, is a mixture of English, French, African tribal languages among other languages. This was because there was a language barrier in the days of slavery and they all needed to communicate(slaves and slavemasters) so they developed a hybrid english language basically.

shan May 17, 2011, 1:57pm

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Conversate is not a word. I typed the word conversate and the squiggly lines appeared underneath the word which indicates that it is indeed incorrect. It was here in the U.S. that I first heard that word being used and I was confused as to whether it was correct. So far, everyone that i have asked has said it is incorrect (well, from my country).

I totally agree with Michelle.

shan May 17, 2011, 1:48pm

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