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My Husband and I get into this "me either" "me neither" discussion all the time. As I am an American, if he said, "I cannot wait for Christmas" I have always very naturally replied "me either". He always corrects this and supplies "me neither". (pompous ass?) LOL. I have always very naturally had a sense of this is a positive, excited, type statement when someone says it. Usually because of their gestures and expression. In my mind that requires a more positive type response so "me neither' just feels negative in my view.
As for the term "gotten"...........SO IT WASSSSSSSSSSSS included in English at one time? Maybe we Americans just moved before it died out over there! In my view just because you kicked a word out of your version of English doesn't mean it never existed as acceptable. The fact of the matter is all English was bastardized long before there were American English speakers. If you English speakers were still speaking the true queens tongue, before the rule books were written, and edited several times over, nobody would be complaining about who speaks correctly or incorrectly. We would all sound funny period! Language is language and there are subtle or profound changes between nations, tribes, colonies, races, etc. It all boils down to context and how something is being expressed physically and emotionally, whether or not you will understand it as it is conveyed. It's the expression that prompts the response. Another thing I do during this discussion of "me either/neither, when I say something like, neither "me neither or me either" is incorrect...I differentiate with " Neyether, neether nor eeither. is incorrect" So I even switch up the pronunciation phonetically. Which really drives my pompous ass of a husband nuts LOL.

JC April 30, 2011, 3:54am

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