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Rebecca S.

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Well I live in Virginia (Real Virginia, none of that West Virginia stuff), well, near Richmond to be honest. I pronounce aunt like "ahnt" or "ont" or "awnt" those are the three ways you might hear me say it...then again I could be saying only one of those and the other two are wrong, but I say aunt like how I would say automobile, or august. Though sometimes my pronunciation is like...all over the place, but people saying it has to do with your's my whole line up:
-My father is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and is Scottish, Irish, and possibly German (we're still looking into the family records for his side.)
-My mother is from Baltimore, Maryland and is: Irish, Welsh, English, Newfie (Newfoundland you guys, whoop whoop! -And yes, I pronounce it as New-fin-land...though apparently, according to one person, I say New-Finland...I never knew I took a little pause, anywho), and Indian. Yeah, my Great Grandfather was from India. <3 Calcutta, India to be exact.

Although, my dad sometimes says "Hass" instead of "house..." I don't know, it was how he was raised, I mainly learned how to speak from my mom since my parents were divorced since I was 3, though my SLIGHT speech impediment might also be the cause of why I say things differently. (I think that speech impediment has gone though, I talk normally according to my friends.)
And I say Ask, not Ax...though I know most of you were saying only black people say Ax instead of Ask...which is NOT true, my school is mostly black and although they try to act ghetto, all of the ones I know have said Ask instead of ax. There was one person saying, though, that if you say "ont" for aunt (though when I say ont it's like ON-T... on it! ...with out the i in it...) that you also say "Ax" for ask and that your education is bad...or whatever, which I must say although I haven't graduated high school yet, my education is VERY good. Ok, not Straight A's good, but I'm above average.

Oh, and I only found this site because I was on the brink of falling asleep this morning, heard the news reporter say "Ant" for aunt, winced and kind of shuddered, and googled the "correct pronunciation of Aunt." Just to keep me awake, isn't that great? I do now, however, see that there is no right or wrong way to pronounce the word and that I just don't prefer hearing "Ant" for aunt...I mean, it's just me. Though I've found out quite a few new interesting ways to say it.

So I guess it's been all said and done.

Rebecca S. April 27, 2011, 9:56am

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