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April 18, 2011

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Over-use of periods

  • April 18, 2013, 8:42am

"Shame on you for using logic and common sense on the general public"

Gee- what was I thinking! Ok, no more common sense. I'm throwing out all grammaticism I was taught in school.

Over-use of periods

  • February 25, 2013, 1:58pm

For those who are sarcastically critical about my spelling, remember that this post was about 'Over-use of periods', OK? Thanks (I think) for reminding me that my spelling was a little off. Keep in mind that it was NOT intentional, just simply a mistake. It still got the message across. My misspelling does not invalidate the subject matter I posted.

Next time, try using some etiquette when addressing someone about an error and don't skew the subject. Let's not get into mudslinging - this is NOT a political forum.

Over-use of periods

  • August 29, 2011, 1:11pm

To BrockawayBaby

They go hand-in-hand. Try spell check with mispunctuation and see what happens. Yes, there are indeed rules in both grammer and punctuation. It is (or at least was) taught in school this way. (Or maybe our schooling is considered wrong or politically incorrect now...I don't know.)

Yes, to an extent, punctuation can be like a style; it can be good or a dress style, or manners. We could totally mess up our style of grammer and punctuation, and make it whatever we want; But, it doesn't necessarily mean it's correct.

Think about this: If you write a legal document, your going to make damn sure everything is correct--both grammer and punctuation. Obviously, we would want to follow the standard for proper punctuation for other things, such as advertising. Yes, there's times to be 'Silly' with the likes of advertising, and that's understood. But if/when that becomes the norm, then one has to wonder where the values are. At that point it becomes a form of 'dumbing down', which many may seem to think is OK. If that's the case, then let's just get rid of ALL the rules; it no longer matters. Let's get rid of dictionaries, spell check and all gramatical and punctuation rules....and let's get rid of this website too. On the otherhand, well, you can figure that out.

Over-use of periods

  • August 27, 2011, 9:11pm

Thanks to all for the feedback. After reading all the comments, it's obvious that others can see the trend toward this over use of periods.

One example of this is when I read an ad that was as follows: "Furrs. You like food. We like food."

It should been: "Furrs--You like food, We like food."

There's many other examples that just plain defy explanation. This is not the way it was taught in school; or maybe proper grammar doesn't matter anymore. That's the way it goes.

Over-use of periods

  • April 19, 2011, 12:17pm

Good point, Red. I can see where your example may be true with adding emphasis as so stated in your example. Though I believe there is a way to make the same emphasis using the proper rules in punctuation.

Instead of, "And. Now. You. Know.", portray it as "And--Now--You--Know!!!" (or something similar to this).

Eliminating any or all grammatical rules would only cause chaos. For example, cAn yoU IMAginE hoW iT woULd bE iF wE alL usE gRamMeR lIkE THIs? It's such a state of disarray and is completely disorganized. That's how it appears with our bastardizing proper grammar. It's the same with punctuation. It appears that society has too much disregard for proper regulation. This seems to be the case with proper grammar as well. Those are my thoughts anyway.

Over-use of periods

  • April 18, 2011, 10:31pm

Hey Marlo, are ya gonna answer the question, or make stupid remarks? Your underwear isn't all that clean at the end of the day either!


Over-use of periods April 18, 2011