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I know all the arguments about "irregardless" and here's a vote for the word on the grounds that I've often thought of it as a way to express excedingly or extreme disregard on a subject...a way in one word (as disregard is) to say "without regard"
( meaning "without having any regard" or ignoring the subject..or not accepting some one, their thoughts , ideas or even " disregarding them as a person" or brushing aside a subjects validity)..
So why not a word meaning "excedingly without regard" or extreme disregard? What word could that be? RegardIess seems almost as if it's definition is "without ordinary, or common regard", but what about cases where there is an "extraordinary" disregard for a particular subject?
my vote is for "Irregardless" in these cases...

John March 10, 2011, 9:00am

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