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Interesting exchange of conversation. I had a friend ask me what I thought of this statement "It is what it is" from a grammatical perspective since I am an English teacher. I was a bit stumped, and asked my self if this was a grammatically correct statement; I chose to analyze it as such:
It (pronoun) is (linking verb) what (adjective meaning whatever) it (pronoun) is (linking verb).

It appears to be a weak and somewhat vague but acceptable statement grammatically. I would not allow my students to use it in their formal writing b/c it has slang and idiomatic qualities. I am of the school of thought that words, dialect, and idioms can be used as a person speaks and will add rich flavor to a conversation, but they are not usually appropriate for use in formal writing.

When speaking, I like to use it b/c it is stating that I must accept my circumstances and that I am choosing to move on despite my circumstances. I suppose it is overused and could be perceived as a a silence filler. The comment made about it being a New York slang word seems an appropriate assessment.

emilykacyvenski February 7, 2011, 4:13pm

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