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I'm from Oregon and recently noticed that phrase being used a lot, especially on facebook. Not sure where it originated or when, but it seems to be a fad phrase that has become popular by phony types who think it's cool and hip to say it and that they are cool and hip by using it, but really the opposite is probably true...they are followers with no originality. I may sound a bit harsh and cynical, but just making my point. I hate the over-usage of it and place it among other dreaded fad phrases such as "you go girl."

To clarify, people will say some random statement that could stand alone as said and then they'll add "I'm just saying" or "Just saying" after the statement. The statements can range anywhere from "Justin Bieber needs a hair stylist. Just Saying," to "Obama and FCC sell out on net neutrality. Just saying."

pdxsoapopera December 21, 2010, 10:23pm

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