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Hey, Frank!
How are you today?
That was a very clever post.
You have now saved Blackvaginafinda the job of responding to my post.
He (or she) doesn't need to think about dropping out of class, if he/she is in one - you just baby sat them through the matter!
Well done!
Think about it!

marshy1950 December 8, 2010, 2:43am

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Well, blackvaginafinda (now there's a grand name. No, don't ask),
"u guys are fags" is what you wrote.
Why are they cigarettes??
Or are you suggesting that they are homosexuals? Do you know them? How can you judge them if you don't know them?
You seem to have an unhealthy interest in either cigarettes or homosexuals. Perhaps you should find a website that markets such people, though don'r wait too late or a percentage of those you seek will have become quite ill as a result of the cigarettes they smoke. I can say this because the government tells me so.
Now the, to get back to your name.................

marshy1950 December 6, 2010, 8:14pm

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