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OMG, how could you people be Bob Marley fans and not understand his lyrics? He was a messenger of Jah who used his music to spread Jah's message. If you can't understand what he's saying then you completely missed the point of the message and the message itself. In the context of the song, "no woman no cry" means "No woman don't cry." Bob and his wife Rita came from very humble beginnings, they experienced extreme poverty together as a young couple. So in the song Bob is comforting and reassuring his wife that she have no need to cry because he remembers the hardship that they went through in their life and will therefore never forsake her. Bob also discribed some of the experiences that they went through in their past with lines like "I remember when we use to sit in the government yard in Trenchtown." Trenchtown is where Bob met his wife and where they began their life's journey together. Please people, do yourselves a favor, when you listen to Bob Marley's music, don't just listen to the harmony actually listen to the lyrics they all have strong messages in them. Jah Bless.

kookooyoo November 26, 2010, 5:51pm

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