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Languages were not "set up". Languages have evolved with zero intervention for a very long time. Grammar was "set up", but English was never "set up".

There is no such thing as right or wrong in language. Language is a fluid tool that has changed millions of times over the full length of human existence. You can be grammatically incorrect, because that is a constructed set of rules, but you can never be linguistically incorrect.

Practically speaking, very few languages have ever codified grammatical rules the way that modern languages have. It is pride that drives people to take their language so seriously they believe every native speaker must write and speak the way it is stated in some rulebook. There wouldn't be the richness and variety of languages if Sumerian did what English has done.

Perhaps we should just gather up all the Scots and Cockneys and teach them how to speak *real* English, you know, since we're the ones who actually use it correctly.

tiger1171 November 16, 2010, 2:46pm

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