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Douglas: In your Shakespeare quotation, couldn't that be taken as an example of poetic licence?

Another thought on the parallelism theme:
What about euphony, melody and balance? The example "my wife and myself" works because there are two syllables on either side of the "and", the stress is on "wife" and "self" (second syllable in each case), giving both people equal weight. "My wife and me", while correct, sounds lopsided. Funnily enough, when I tried turning this round, "my husband and myself" doesn't sound good - a clutter of syllables with the stress placed unequally on "hus" and "self" - whereas "my husband and me" sounds ok, because the three short syllables of "my husband" are balanced by the long "me".

alice.milne October 30, 2010, 9:12am

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