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I didn't say plurals in general, as this, as you rightly point out doesn't require an apostrophe. Cats and dogs being an example.

However, when you’re describing "plurals of words" then you DO use an apostrophe. This is also the case for plurals of letters and numbers - something Myrtle Beach Bum correctly pointed out.

E.g. - how many c's are in the word cactus?
E.g. - how many 2's are in 2002?
E.g. - how many and's are there in: "The cat and dog were seen in the park and the street" - as a poor example.

You would say “and’s” and “but’s” in the context I described, as the phrase was:

“Are there too many and’s and but’s at the start of sentences these days”? - i.e., plurals of words.

You wouldn't say “plural’s” unless you are referring to the actual word "plural", rather than the plural of something.

Do's and Don't's is grammatically correct.

I trust this clarifies.

daniel December 23, 2010, 11:10am

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'Myrtle Beach Bum' is correct. The correct phrase is: Do's and don't's.

An apostrophe is used to indicate plurals of words.

Likewise you would say "Are there too many and's and but's at the start of sentences these days" .

daniel September 2, 2010, 7:57am

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