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All acronyms are initialisms, but not all initialisms are acronyms. That is why people commonly accept 'acronym' and tend to not even know what 'initialism' means. It's kind of the way everyone calls all forms of raw Japanese food 'sushi', even though sushi is really only the American invention of rolls. The other popular forms that we see are 'ngiri' and 'sashimi', and the three terms are not interchangeable (except among the uninformed).

TLA = Three-Letter Abbreviation/Acronym (my point being that it should be hyphenated; I'm not arguing the definition of the 'A').

The proper possesive form of 'Jr.' is Jr.'s. ('Sr.', therefore, becomes Sr.'s.)

paulmuirhead9 August 4, 2010, 10:36am

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