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I googled "this is she" after reading HP's list of offending grammatical mistakes. Had no idea all of you "militant grammarians" were encamped on this website. What fun! I had been taught that "This is she" is the correct usage. Agree that is doesn't "sound right." However at 60, I have to say I'll go deaf before "Him and me are going out" sounds right either. Being a bit of a mugwamp here, I think the best advice is to waffle: "speaking" seems to fit the bill without having to make a choice to get it wrong, to offend, or sound like a pompous arse.

p.s. To stark, raving, and clearly mad Marilyn, I love your story, your style, your spunk. I am in Lawrence, Ks. I know know fly-zone very well.

patjeffdavis June 18, 2010, 5:33am

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