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I am a female engineer and I wish I could start using the word "engineeress". I like being a woman and feel pretty empowered as a woman. I"m not a young chick, and went through engineering school with 99% men, I make more money than my husband, I never ever cook, and the thought of having children freaks me out. Yet I like the word "actress" and it makes me sad every time I hear a woman who acts refer to herself as an "actor". It seem like she is diminishing herself, there is real beauty in being a woman and I wish more of us females would embrace it. A woman is a woman because of the way she feels inside; not for what she does for living, her hobbies, or to whom she gives birth.

By the way I agree that if "actor" becomes the sole way to refer to people who act, then if a movie calls for a married couple, couldn't two women, or two men apply for the spouses? If what you need is two actors and not an actor and actress. Also if the word "actor" replaces "actress" I agree that there should only be awards for "actors" and that women and men should not have separate categories.

jmcbride70 April 11, 2010, 8:29am

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