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First annual vs. second annual

  • March 15, 2010, 10:35pm

OK, this first Annual thing is bothering me. A group I am part of is starting up a festival that will be held every year. I planned to call it "first annual" but then my wife said that is wrong and it should be "inaugural". The logic of you can't have a first until you have had a second is just idiotic. Does this mean that every numbered list should have "inaugural" in place of "1"? First annual tells people that it will be held every year, and it is the first in the series. Inaugural tells me it is the first event , and that is it.

If I schedule a annual physical with a new doctor, is it my inaugural physical or first annual visit? Which one is more descriptive?

I am going to take my inaugural leak of the day, because I am just not sure if there will be a second......