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Talking through your hat

  • January 30, 2010, 10:58am

In addition to Joseph Smith putting his face in the hat, he would read each character as it appeared on the stone that he had placed in the hat. Oliver Cowdery had to sit on the other side of a curtain and write down each word or character that Smith read. Cowdery would read it back to Smith. If it was correct, the vision would dissappear from the stone in the hat and the next image would appear. If Cowdery did not read it back correct, the image would persist until read correctly.
As this was supposedly a translation direct from the rhelms of God, one would presume it was perfect in context and information. After the first Book of Mormon was published, readers found hundreds of mistakes and obvious errors in the stories. Subsequent versions were found to contain thousands of errors, including changes in names of who did what. As the BoM and the faith gain the reputation as a scham, the original method of its translation became known as "Talking through his hat".