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First of all, text can be used as a verb. Of course, with advances in technology, etymological changes follow. (try saying "I 'microwaved' my lunch"100 years ago)

text [t?kst]
(Electronics & Computer Science / Telecommunications) to send a text message from a mobile phone

So, the obvious answer, if we agree that text is a verb, is that the past tense is 'texted' (pronounced tex-ted)

just like:

I called you last night (called - not call)


anyone who thinks the past tense of text is text should be tested (tess-ted) to see if they can speak English properly.

other words that people who can't understand this can use as a reference are:

rested (past tense of rest)
bested (to defeat in a competition)
dusted (past tense of dust)

So, everyone, please, use proper English.


"I just TEXTED you"

If you can't bring yourself to say that, then say:

"I just sent you a TEXT message"

And not:

"I just TEXT you"

magic2105 January 25, 2010, 11:41am

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